Idexx Catalyst ONE


In one run with one sample, get chemistry and electrolyte results in only 8 minutes, total T4 in as little as 15 minutes.

Results available during the patient visit for improved pet owner understanding and compliance.

Expanding menu of 30 tests includes advanced diagnostics, like fructosamine, phenobarbital and urine P:C ratio.

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Total T4

Easily screen, diagnose and manage thyroid disease during the patient visit

Total T4 can be added to any test panel, allowing for a comprehensive chemistry, electrolyte and total T4 profile
in one run with a single patient sample in approximately 15 minutes.


Better manage your diabetic patients with rapid results

Provides rapid and accurate fructosamine levels to help you manage and diagnose diabetic dogs and cats.


Monitor and adjust phenobarbital levels in one visit

Accurately measure your patients’ phenobarbital levels in minutes, for monitoring and timely adjustments during patient visits.

Urine P:C Ratio

Diagnose early renal disease with just one run

Two tests in one run help you detect and quantify proteinuria and diagnose early renal disease.

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