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Does your practice need diagnostic equipment but you don’t want to sign a long manufacturer’s lease putting yourself and your practice in debt? Are you concerned that buying used could leave you stuck with a broken piece of diagnostic equipment and no warranty to back it up? Do what veterinarians and researchers around the world do: turn to a veterinary equipment supplier like Allied Analytic. We specialize in and offer a wide range of high quality, affordable, used veterinary diagnostic equipment that has been inspected and reconditioned by our team of in-house technicians and backed by a comprehensive warranty to give you peace of mind. Partner with a company that truly cares about your return on investment. Let us be your ally and save you thousands on the equipment you need for your clinic.

Our Mission

Allied Analytic LLC is a U.S. based veterinary equipment supplier focused on the needs of our customers and their veterinary practices. We are a customer centric company dedicated to providing high quality, warrantied equipment designed to save our customers money. As the international supplier of used diagnostic equipment, we have made it our mission to continue offering our own high standards of quality and service with the professionalism and value that our customers need.

Why Choose Allied Analytic?

Allied Analytic offers high quality products at affordable prices, but we are much more than that. We focus on the reliability of our equipment and its ability to perform for many years to come. We offer one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties of any reseller in the industry and our in-house superior tech department inspects every machine before sending it out to our customers.

Our goal is to take the risk out of buying used veterinary diagnostic equipment and provide the easy, hassle free service our clients demand. Our warranty covers loaner machine service, parts, labor, and even the cost of return postage if needed. Not even the manufacturers offer this level of service and support! Contact us today and see what Allied Analytic has in store for you.

There When You Need Us Most

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