Allied Analytic Warranty

All Allied Analytic units will be sold with a 90 day total warranty unless otherwise specified in the product description. If for any reason the customer is not completely satisfied with the machine, they can return it and be refunded, or have us replace it with another unit right away. Allied Analytic will either send a replacement or loaner machine and will send a shipping label to return the original unit free-of-charge to their customer.

After the first 30 days, the machine is eligible for exchange only.

If you aren’t completely satisfied for any reason with your purchase during the warranty period, we will correct the issue to your satisfaction, promptly send you a replacement unit, or refund your money in full (first 30 days).

Allied Analytic Extended Warranty

Clients in the United States are eligible for a one-year extended warranty on certain products. The cost is $750/year per each machine. This cost is all-inclusive and covers replacement or loaner machines as well as all applicable shipping costs. Please contact your Allied Analytic team for more details.

Extended Warranties are not currently available for international customers due to shipping and cost prohibitive customs restrictions.