The Finest In Used Veterinary Equipment

Allied Analytic is a used veterinary equipment provider offering exactly what you need at an affordable price point. You can depend on us for refurbished veterinary equipment that gives you optimal results – and our products are also from names you can trust including Abaxis, Heska, Idexx, and Scil.

All of the used veterinary equipment we carry is engineered to provide quick, accurate results; with only a couple drops of blood, you can diagnose clients during their first visit.

At Allied Analytic, we support your pursuit for better equipment. When you purchase from our refurbished veterinary equipment selection, we not only give you free domestic shipping and accessories, but a warranty and money-back guarantee.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and as you are deciding what will suit your specific needs, we encourage you to contact us online or by phone – we are always here to assist you.

High Quality Veterinary Equipment

Allied focuses on delivering equipment of the highest quality to bring you the highest returns for your clinic.

Allied’s Warranty Promise

Customer support when you need it most. Allied Analytic takes the fear out of buying used.

Customer Confidence

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. See what others say about Allied Analytic.

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